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Completely customizable

Tailor every aspect to align perfectly with your brand, ensuring your platform is uniquely yours.



Our solution offers top-tier functionality at an affordable price, ensuring your budget remains intact.


Outstanding performance

Our script promises lightning-fast load times, optimal functionality, and a user-friendly experience.


Sleek Design

Captivate your users with our visually stunning design. Ensure a seamless, and intuitive user experience.


Stories, highlights and Communities

Enhance user interaction with our Stories, Highlights, and Communities features, designed to elevate the content-sharing experience on our TikTok clone. Users can seamlessly capture and share daily moments, spotlight their favorite memories, and engage in specialized community sections, ensuring a vibrant and interactive platform that keeps them connected and engaged.

  • Daily Snapshots with Stories: Capture and share daily life snippets, keeping followers engaged.
  • Showcase Memories in Highlights: Spotlight favorite moments, creating a personalized user profile showcase.
  • Engage in Communities: Share and discover content within specialized community sections, connecting like-minded individuals.
  • Vibrant User Interaction: Foster a dynamic user community through sharing, discovering, and connecting via content.

Tipping Feature

Introducing our versatile Tipping Feature: In today's digital age, appreciation takes on a new form. Whether you're a creator or just a passionate user, our platform empowers you to tip and show gratitude towards outstanding videos and posts by any user. It transcends the traditional boundaries, allowing everyone to acknowledge the effort and creativity of their peers. This isn't merely about financial gestures; it's a testament to the community's support and camaraderie.

  • Decide to tip any amount - every gesture counts.
  • Strengthen the community by supporting fellow users.
  • A simple, direct way to acknowledge and appreciate.
  • This culture of recognition inspires higher-quality content and interactions.

Marketplace and Live eCommerce feature

Elevate user experience with our Marketplace and Live eCommerce Feature: Intertwine content with commerce seamlessly. Users can directly purchase from live streams as creators showcase products, or browse and buy from the dedicated Marketplace section, making shopping an immersive and interactive journey.

  • Buy instantly during live product showcases.
  • Explore and purchase in the Marketplace section.
  • Blend entertainment and shopping in one platform.
  • Effortless, secure transactions for stress-free shopping.

PK/Battles feature

Unleash competitive spirit with our Live Streaming PK/Battles Feature, inspired by platforms like BIGO Live. Engage in exciting face-offs where creators go head-to-head, vying for viewer support in real-time. As gifts flow in, one emerges victorious, but the entertainment never stops.

  • Engage in exciting live stream duels.
  • Rally viewer support with real-time gifting.
  • Celebrate victories and build stronger fan engagement.
  • Foster dynamic interactions for an electrifying experience.

Filters and effects using DeepAR

Stay ahead in the digital realm by offering users the ability to elevate their content with our Filters and Effects, powered by the advanced technology of DeepAR. Not only does this feature enhance content creation, but it also ensures your platform stands out by providing a superior and unique user experience, thereby setting your app distinctly apart in the competitive market.

  • Advanced Video Transformation: Equip users with cutting-edge video transformation tools, enabling them to create standout content.
  • Engaging Realistic Effects: Amplify user engagement by providing lifelike effects that enhance their content and interactions.
  • Boosting App Appeal: Enhance app retention and appeal by offering unique content capabilities through advanced filters and effects.
  • Superior User Experience: Ensure a standout platform by integrating DeepAR, thereby offering a superior and immersive user experience.

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Why Choose our TikTok clone script?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose vativeApps.



Boost user growth with our Referral Feature: Empower your community to expand by inviting others to join. As users refer friends and family, they can earn rewards or benefits, making the invitation process not just about expanding the community, but also about giving back to loyal users.

  • Invite friends and earn perks.
  • Amplify platform growth organically.
  • Reward loyalty and encourage user expansion.

Fetching feature from YouTube, TikTok

Enhance your app with our innovative Fetching Feature, enabling direct import of diverse videos and music from YouTube and TikTok. This tool simplifies content integration, enriching your platform with a variety of media to captivate users. Boost engagement by offering a rich tapestry of content that keeps your app dynamic and entertaining.

  • Directly import media from YouTube & TikTok for a diverse content mix.
  • Simplify integration, enriching your app's media landscape effortlessly.
  • Elevate user engagement with a continuous stream of fresh, varied content.

Adult Content Moderation

Maintain platform integrity with our Adult Content Moderation Feature: Empower app owners with the ability to detect and control inappropriate content, ensuring a safe environment. Tailored to your needs, this feature can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.

  • Auto-detect explicit or inappropriate material.
  • Toggle on/off as per the platform's requirement.
  • Ultimate control in the hands of the app owner.

In-app advertisement

Maximize revenue with our In-app Advertisement Feature: App owners can harness dual revenue streams by integrating Google ads and allowing user videos to serve as advertisements. This provides a dynamic advertising landscape where not only can traditional ads be shown, but users can also pay to have their content highlighted as promotional material.

  • Integrate Google ads for passive earnings.
  • Feature user videos as paid advertisements.
  • Enjoy dual revenue streams while controlling ad experience.

Wallet Feature

Experience seamless transactions with our Wallet Feature: Equip users with an integrated digital wallet, streamlining both payments and withdrawals within the app. Whether it's topping up, making in-app purchases, or withdrawing funds, manage all financial aspects effortlessly.

  • Secure storage and easy fund management.
  • Facilitate both purchases and withdrawals.
  • Monitor balance and transaction history.

Messaging and group messaging feature

Connect beyond content with our Messaging and Group Messaging Feature: Foster direct interactions and community discussions. Users can indulge in private one-on-one chats or engage in lively group conversations, enhancing the social fabric of the platform.

  • Direct one-on-one chats for private conversations.
  • Create or join group chats for broader discussions.
  • Seamlessly share content, updates, and ideas.

Live Streaming features

Elevate real-time engagement with our Live Streaming Feature: Step into the world of live content where users can broadcast solo streams, collaborate in multi-streams, or host compelling podcasts. This dynamic feature brings creators and their audience closer, creating interactive and immersive experiences.

  • Broadcast solo or invite others for multi-streams.
  • Dive into discussions with live podcasts.
  • Engage audiences in real-time with interactive tools.

Animated Gifts

Enhance live streaming with our Animated Gifts! Turn each stream into a spectacle where users can send lively, animated tokens of appreciation. From a burst of confetti to glittering fireworks, these gifts make each moment unforgettable. Elevate interactions and spread happiness with every animated surprise.

  • Enliven streams with magical Animated Gifts.
  • Users can send vibrant animated tokens of appreciation.
  • Add a sprinkle of joy to every livestream moment.

Duet Feature

Elevate collaborative content creation with our Duet Feature, which allows users to easily combine videos, sparking shared innovation. It's a celebration of unity and creativity, offering seamless blending and intuitive synchronization of diverse artistic expressions. Create together, discover new narratives, and make every piece of content a collaborative masterpiece.

  • Fuse videos seamlessly, celebrating collaborative creativity.
  • Merge diverse talents with easy-to-use syncing for harmonious creations.
  • Explore collective storytelling, enhancing engagement through partnership.

Manage Your TikTok Clone with Our Advanced Admin Panel

Experience unparalleled control with our advanced admin panel, tailored for your TikTok clone app. This intuitive interface provides comprehensive command over your platform's operations, delivering a frictionless administrative experience:

  • Optimize system performance and backend operations, with tools to test and demo new features.
  • Increase user engagement by customizing interactive elements and improving content discovery.
  • Streamline monetization with easy management of financial settings and payment integrations.
  • Ensure content compliance and craft monetization strategies with advanced monitoring and ad settings.

Engage a Broader Audience with Our TikTok Clone Web App

Unveil the endless possibilities of the digital realm with our TikTok clone web version source code. Crafted meticulously for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, this package equips you with the essentials to launch your very own content-sharing platform. Dive into the prominent features and advantages of opting for our web solution.

  • Web version for universal platform access.
  • Inclusivity for all users, no matter the device.
  • Secure coin purchases through Stripe.
  • Intuitive tools for vibrant content sharing.
  • Streamlined functionalities for network growth.
  • Foster community with direct messaging.
  • Customize your platform with source code access.
  • An investment for brand elevation and success.

Maximize Your Earnings with Our TikTok Clone Script Solution

Venturing into the dynamic world of digital content? Our ready-made TikTok clone script solution isn't just a replica of the famous platform; it's a meticulously crafted tool designed with one primary objective: amplifying the earnings of the app owner. Here's how our solution ensures that you, as the proprietor, capitalize on every opportunity

  • Tiered Subscriptions: Attract dedicated users with recurring fees, offering exclusive premium features for an enhanced experience.
  • Google AdMob Integration: Unlock advertising potential with tailored in-app ads, benefiting from user engagement.
  • Tip-Based Earnings: Motivate creators and earn from transactions through a tipping system.
  • In-App Currency: Create a dynamic coin system for premium features, gifting, and user engagement.

Launch your own app using our ready-made scripts.

TikTok Clone App

TikTok Clone App

TikTok Clone App : Creators share talents in short videos, host live sessions, and earn through in-app purchases, while users engage with trending content.
Bigo Live Clone App

Bigo Live Clone App

Bigo Live Clone App : Broadcasters live-stream their skills or daily moments, engage in real-time chats, and monetize via gifts and premium features, allowing users to discover and interact with varied content.
Niche Social App

Niche Social App

Niche Social App : Engage communities with topic-specific short video content, enhanced by live interactive sessions, allowing users to purchase related products or kits instantly.
Corporate Chat App

Corporate Chat App

Corporate Chat App : Offer concise video updates and live collaborative sessions, complemented by an e-commerce platform for company tools or merchandise.
E-Learning App

E-Learning App

E-Learning App : Enrich learning with bite-sized video lessons and interactive live lectures, monetizing through real-time sales of course materials.
Event App

Event App

Event App : Promote events with short video teasers, live event streaming, and real-time ticket or merchandise purchasing.
Talent App

Talent App

Talent App : Showcase emerging talents with engaging short videos, host live talent shows, and monetize through content or merchandise sales.
Review App

Review App

Review App : Engage audiences with concise video reviews, enhanced by live unboxing sessions, and immediate product purchasing opportunities.
Travel App

Travel App

Travel App : Engage travelers with short video glimpses of destinations, complemented by live streaming sessions, and facilitate instant bookings or gear purchases.

Fitness App

Fitness App : Offer health tips and workout routines through videos, enhance engagement with live fitness sessions, and sell related equipment or supplements.

Art App

Art App : Promote artists with short video showcases, live concerts or exhibitions, and sell merchandise or tickets.

Challenge App

Challenge App : Engage users with challenge videos, host live events, and enable instant registrations or challenge kit purchases.

Collaboration App

Collaboration App : Foster collaboration with short video snippets, live streaming sessions, and offer premium tools or products for purchase.

Car Sale App

Car Sale App : Revolutionize car trading with immersive short video tours, authentic live virtual showcases, and streamlined e-commerce for car-related services.

Salon Booking App

Salon Booking App : Stylists showcase skills through short video portfolios, salons host live sessions of treatments or tutorials, and users purchase salon products or book slots directly.

Car Rental App

Car Rental App : Provide virtual car tours via short videos, host live Q&A sessions about rentals, and facilitate seamless booking and down-payments.

Food App

Food App : Restaurants entice users with short video showcases of dishes, host live cooking sessions, and allow instant orders or ingredient kit purchases.

General Service Apps

General Service Apps : Service providers offer DIY tips or showcase their work through videos, host live diagnostic or advice sessions, and enable users to book services or purchase recommended products.

Real Estate App

Real Estate App : Realtors present property tours through engaging short video walkthroughs, agencies host live open house events or buying/selling Q&A sessions, and users can express interest, schedule viewings, or even initiate property transactions directly.

Fashion App

Fashion App : Designers flaunt their latest collections through captivating short video runway shows, influencers host live sessions of styling tips or fashion hacks, and users purchase trendy outfits or accessories directly from within the app.

Tech App

Tech App : Innovators demonstrate cutting-edge gadgets through immersive short video demonstrations, tech experts host live sessions on device reviews or software tutorials, and users purchase tech products or access exclusive tech-related content directly from the platform.

Doctor's App

Doctor's App : Physicians present medical insights through short video clips, specialists host live sessions addressing common health concerns or demonstrations, and users schedule consultations, access prescribed resources, or book check-ups directly from the platform.