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Transform your dating app dreams into reality with our advanced and customizable Tinder clone script solution.

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Why Matchify Excels as Top Pick for Tinder Clone App Development


Unique Algorithm

Analyzes preferences deeply, ensuring genuine connections based on shared interests and goals.


Personalized Experience

Tailored journey, user-friendly interface, resonating with those seeking meaningful relationships.


Sleek Design

Captivate your users with our visually stunning design. Ensure a seamless, and intuitive user experience.


Cutting-Edge Technology

State-of-the-art stack ensures reliability and performance, establishing your dating app clone as a leader in innovation.


Superior User Satisfaction

Unmatched satisfaction with a unique algorithm, personalized experience, and cutting-edge technology.



Our mobile application development services offers top-tier functionality at an affordable price, ensuring your budget remains intact.


Outstanding performance

Our script promises lightning-fast load times, optimal functionality, and a user-friendly experience.


Sleek Design

Captivate your users with our visually stunning design. Ensure a seamless, and intuitive user experience.


Swiping Match Feature

Our Tinder Clone intuitive swiping mechanism allows users to effortlessly like or pass on potential matches, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Opens the door to communication, engaging deeper connections.
  • Mutual likes instantly create a match, enabling further conversation.
  • Simplifies the process of finding potential matches with ease.
  • Intuitive swiping lets users quickly like or pass on profiles.

Super Like (Premium Feature)

Elevate your profile with Super Like in our Tinder clone script, expressing heightened interest in potential matches, and increasing chances of meaningful connections.

  • Boost your profile visibility to express personal interests.
  • Notifies recipients directly, showcasing extra attention.
  • Makes your profile stand out in a sea of options.
  • Enhances chances of mutual interest and meaningful connections.

Card Reverse (Premium Feature)

With the premium Card Reverse feature in our Flutter Tinder clone, users gain a second chance to reconsider swipes, ensuring thoughtful matchmaking decisions.

  • Allows undoing the last swipe, perfect for a second chance.
  • Provides a valuable opportunity to revisit potential matches. .
  • Ideal for correcting accidental passes on interesting profiles. .
  • Enhances user control and decision-making in the matchmaking process.

Omegle Feature

Discover a new way to meet and interact with people through our app's Omegle feature. This helps provide a dynamic environment for making meaningful connections through video confrencing.

  • Connect with Random users through Video Calls.
  • Like to match and start video chatting as a couple.
  • Engage in live, authentic conversations.
  • Deepen connections in Private conversations.

Filter-Based Search

Tailor your matchmaking with advanced filters in our Tinder clone app, ensuring matches align with interests for increased satisfaction.

  • Advanced filters refine matches based on shared interests.
  • Streamlines finding meaningful connections with specific criteria. .
  • Customizes search results based on personal hobbies and goals. .
  • Enables precise matchmaking, focusing on compatible connections.

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View Stories of Matched Users

Explore the lives of potential partners with the stories feature in our Tinder clone script, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

  • Allows a peek into the daily lives of matches, fostering connection. .
  • Share personal moments, building deeper connections.
  • Enhances understanding of mutual interests, strengthening bonds.
  • Encourages engagement by showcasing real-time activities and experiences.

Detailed Screen for Likes and Matches

Stay organized and informed with detailed screens in our Tinder clone, ensuring no potential connection is missed.

  • Detailed interface for tracking likes and matches.
  • Comprehensive overview of user interactions.
  • Convenient way to keep track of mutual interest.
  • Ensures users stay informed about potential connections.

Audio and Video Calling

Enhance connections with integrated calling features in our Tinder clone, encouraging real-time conversations and deeper connections.

  • Enables face-to-face interactions.
  • Helps to connect deeper and understand.
  • Enhances communication before meeting in person.
  • Agora-powered real-time conversations.

Messaging with Matches

Engage in private messaging with matches on a secure platform using our Tinder clone script, fostering open communication and deeper connections.

  • Private messaging feature available post-match.
  • Facilitates the development of deeper connections.
  • Ensures secure and confidential conversations.
  • Encourages open communication between users.

Notification Alerts for Match

Stay engaged and informed with the notification system, ensuring every opportunity for connection is noticed.

  • Instant notifications for new matches, messages, and activities.
  • Keeps users engaged by promptly updating them on relevant interactions.
  • Ensures users stay informed about opportunities to connect.
  • Promotes active engagement within the app through timely alerts.

In-App Purchasing Options

Tailor your Bumble clone app experience with flexible Basic and Premium subscriptions, unlocking features catered to your preferences and needs.

  • Basic package: Access to essential features for connecting.
  • Tailored subscription options cater to users' preferences and needs.
  • Premium package: Unlock exclusive features like Super Like and unlimited profile views.
  • Enhances the overall matchmaking process by offering flexibility and customization.

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Why You Must Invest To Create App Like Tinder?

1. Monetization

Diverse revenue streams, like subscriptions and ads, promise significant returns.

2. Global Engagement

Tinder's global reach offers extensive user engagement opportunities.

3. Market Potential

Harness Tinder's success and meet market demands with our tailored online dating app solution.

4. Innovation

Staying updated ensures long-term relevance in a dynamic market.

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  • Installments range 3-12 months, based on amount.
  • iOS, Android & web (if included) and server fee.
  • Separate charges for server maintenance.
  • Clear dues, get source code immediately.

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How We Do It?

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.



Our Team creates initial design concepts, features, and user interface for visual appeal.



Code functionality, integrate features, ensure scalability and responsiveness.



Conduct rigorous testing to identify and fix bugs, ensuring reliability.



Release the app to the market, promoting and monitoring user engagement.


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can directly contact us.

After purchase, you'll typically receive the Tinder clone's source code, documentation, and licenses via digital files or a secure download link.

The cost varies based on features and complexity, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To build a Tinder clone, we leverage advanced technologies. Flutter ensures a seamless UI, while Node.js efficiently manages backend operations. Agora powers high-quality calling features, sockets enable real-time interactions, and MySQL ensures reliable data storage. GetX facilitates responsive app state management for optimal user experience.

A Tinder clone app is a software application that replicates the functionality and features of the popular dating app Tinder, facilitating similar matchmaking and social interactions.

Yes, our Tinder clone app supports social media log in, allowing users to easily sign in and access the app using their existing social media accounts.

Yes, we provide ongoing support and updates after purchasing the Tinder clone app to ensure its smooth functioning and compatibility with evolving technologies and user needs.

Launch your own app using our tinder-clone script.

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