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With great app
comes great features

Friendly user interface

Friendly user interface makes it easier for your users to navigate through things and get on the app easily.

Flexible code

With flexible code and design you can easily change things according to your needs

Awesome and Flexible UI

Smooth and flexible UI with animations with less resources to provide fast and smooth user experience


Comes with messaging feature which lets you text with your friends. You can also do group messaging with up to 250 members.

Advance admin panel

Comes with advance admin panel for you to control your app posts and users. Handle posts, reports, users and admins and see the stats.

Share all types of contents

Share texts, photos, videos and animated photos (GIF) on your feed. Chat with your friends with text, images and voice messages in real-time

Great social features

From stories to real-time messaging, you've got it all. Friends and follower system with other great social sharing features.
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Instant messaging now comes with group messaging

With the new update, you can now do group messaging with up to 250 members. You can share images, location, emojis. You can assign admin roles and admins can edit group photo, name, description and delete the entire group.

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Instant messaging is what makes it perfect

Messaging is the main aspect of all social networking apps and we’ve got it too. With real-time messaging using sockets you can send and receive messages, voices messages and share images. Messages are stored on the server and client side. Offline messages are stored on phone until user comes back online and messages are delivered back to the receiver. Smooth UI with animations brings user look&feel.

< comments_system >
Comes with smooth comments and replies system

Comments system with replies option so users can comment on each post and can also reply to comments. The comment owner will get notified so will post owner when someone comments on their post. You can share images on comments too and can also add a like on comment.

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Why our product is best for your
business or startup project?

SocialApp comes with most important features without which a social app is incomplete. We make sure of security features, privacy features and user interface. Not only that, mobile optimization is taken care of already.

Using latest background services guidelines provided by Android to make the app work smooth and better for user without consuming a lot of battery. Completely compatible with Android Oreo and above.
API is based on light-weight Slim framework with PSR-7 standards. You can re-use or customize API very easily and get your work done.
Real fast notification system so that users are notified with the latest news. Using Google very-own Firebase Cloud Messaging to deliver notifications real fast and on-time.
Animations are not left off! This is what makes it beautiful and smooth user friendly experience. Without animations it would have been creepy.


Before even starting we made use of security of the app and API


With lots of re-usable code and removing of unnecessary usage of any library or code. Performance is all we care about first!


You will receive completely what you see here and on demo versions. We won’t hide anything to cause distrust. Your trust and satisfaction is our priority.

< features >
Features you will definitely
love to have

Notification system

With organized notification system, get notified when someone likes, comments or share your content. Beautifully structured so you are not spammed with each and every likes on the post.

Content sharing

Share photos, videos, texts and animated GIF photos on your profile. Comes with like, comments and share system.

Calling feature

Voice and video calling feature powered by Sinch is all you need to make your app more social.

Real-time messaging system

With real-time sockets messaging you can share text, images and voice messages to your friends instantly.

Comments and replies

Comment on posts and replies on comments. Without this the app would be incomplete, wouldn't it?!
< admin_panel >
Admin panel features


Manage and handle reports easily. Take actions like close, delete or delete the reported post. Let's you view complete detail of the report and reporter.


You can change advertisement settings directly from panel and SMTP details for email processing.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to users. Remind them of your upcoming features or any latest news from your company.

User management

Handle and control all users and their profiles easily from panel. You can edit, change or remove user from database and many other features. You can also assign admin to other users directly from panel.

Posts management

View, edit or delete posts and change their captions and tags easily from panel. You can view complete details of each and every post.

Check out demo

Check out our admin panel and android app demo before you purchase our product. We want our customer to be satisfied before they proceed.

< pricing >
Awesome pricing for you

Complete package

  • Admin panel included
  • Android app included
  • First time installation support provided
  • Free future updates provided
  • 1 month support
  • Easy customization
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Frequently asked questions

What technology is used for Voice and video calling?

We are using Sinch to provide in-app voice and video calling service. Sinch pricing is different for voice and video calling so make sure you check it out.

What things I will receive with this package?

You will receive android app and admin panel with complete documentation of their installation.

Can I add my own custom features and code?

Yes you can add and edit code with your own choice of features and however you like. Once you buy the product, you can edit it and publish it according to your needs.

Can I request for customizations?

Yes you can request for customization for your own custom features.

Does installation support comes with it also?

We provide complete documentation on how to install and get the product up and running but if you need installation support additional then there’s an extra charge for it and we get your app up and running in no time.

Do I get the complete source code?

Yes you will receive complete source code for app, panel and back-end API with database file.

Do we provide refund policy?

Click here to read more on refund policy.