About vativeApps

vativeApps was established in 2016 to be a values-driven organization focused on helping people, companies and communities attain long-term success. vativeApps became an early pioneer of the nearshoring model — providing outsourced software development for countries all over the world. vativeApps is a strategic technology solutions partner providing an exceptional experience in Digital Transformation consulting and the Delivery of Software and Data Solutions via world-class data and software engineering teams.

Our talented engineering teams are agile, transparent, accountable and focused on customer success, resulting in one of the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry. We fully integrate into your organization to provide continuous delivery with uncompromising, transparent communication. vativeApps helps you scale smarter, transforming your objectives into data that drives decision-making and delivering software solutions that help achieve critical business outcomes.

In vativeApps, we don’t assign our developers to projects, instead, our developers choose the projects they want to work on.