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Prime features of this Tinder Clone script

Omegle feature

Finding romance online on omegle webcam is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time, effort, and self-reflection to get it right, but there are plenty of resources that can help you get there.

With Omegle feature users can meet other users virtually as per their interests. They can talk to them, interact with them and get to know each other well. It has a like feature within it which allows user to like the person they are interacting with and if both of them have liked each other, they will be added as a matched couple and can start chatting with each other.

Start your own Tinder, Bumble, Grindr clone today and crush the competition by launching your own modern dating app.

Audio and Video Calling

What’s in it without calling? We have integrate Audio and Video calling for matches to engage with each other and get to know better other than just chatting. You can completely customize it and decide whether you make such a feature available for free or premium specific.

Audio Calling

With Audio calling, user can interact with each other their voice without the need to chat or enable camera. By using latest technology, we make sure that such a service is fast and efficient for users.

Video Calling

Video calling feature helps users to have a high-quality face-to-face conversation with their matches anytime. Use the in-app camera to start video chatting quickly.

Smart Push Notification

We have made sure to integrate smart push notifications for all the updates that might be helpful for you. From matches popup to subscriptions updates, from admin messages to chat messages, a notification is generated. With smart notification users are alerted with incoming calls, messages and notification from app. the app will also notify you when a match is close by. The app also comes with notifications settings where they can enable/disable notifications of their choice.


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Tinder Clone

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  • Android, iOS
  • Admin Panel (Advance)
  • Premium Services and plugins
  • Calling features (audio and video)
  • Multi Language Support
  • Complete setup and installation service
  • Free App Landing website
  • Free UI re-skin
  • Free existing app database migration and integration
  • Omegle feature
  • 7/24 Support
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Flutter is used for cross-platform functionality while Swift and Java is mainly used for native functionalities like camera, gallery. Flutter is mainly used for UI while the native code is used mainly to preserve performance. The entire app is built with adaptive tools to make it platform specific and preserve the OS specific styling and tools.

NodeJS, MySQL, Socket.IO is used for API, database and messaging respectively. Admin Panel is built with PHP and JavaScript.

Yes although the Flutter framework is used for cross-platform functionalities mainly for UI all major aspects of the app are coded in native framework to preserve performance.

Agora SDK is used for Omegle in conjunction with NodeJS for providing active users to other available users. While usual NodeJS back-end is used to show and notify users.

Google In-App Purchases (IAP) and Apple In-App Purchases (IAP) is used for Android and iOS respectively.

You can setup the app on any server except shared web hosting. You would need latest version of PHP, MySQL, NodeJS and any running web service.

Yes you can make changes however you like and can customize the app to meet your needs.